All employees need to be confident that they are being paid correctly, so payroll errors can therefore be costly and a cause for anxiety or distress among employees. We offer a full and complete payroll service, thus removing the stress and responsibility from you as the Employer and to free you from the time taken to administer an accurate and timely payroll and to rectify any problems.

On a monthly or weekly basis, we can calculate all net pay, sick pay, maternity pay, and holiday pay and provide payslips for all employees. Forms P45, P60 and other administrative functions are also catered for.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, we can complete the PAYE Yellow book calculating the correct liability due for you.

We can complete all Payroll Year End returns and deal with all other Year End matters including online submissions (a soon to be required requisite for all Payroll concerns).

Fees or a flat hourly rate will be agreed in advance and we DO NOT charge extra for starters and leavers, sick pay or holiday pay. By also dealing with the ever- rising cost of software and stationary, you would actually save money by handing over your payroll to me.

Payroll Services and Benefits include:

  • Simple, effective and hassle free solutions.
  • A service for busy employers, where I do the work and you do the business.
  • Low cost solutions for payroll run for 1 to 10 employees.
  • No hidden costs, no blind or bluff with regulations and problems and you will find that I am here to help your business succeed.

All you have to do is provide the necessary information and criteria affecting an employee’s pay. We will do everything else – right up to providing summaries and reports sufficient to satisfy the most stringent audit.

Once we have received your payroll information, we will provide:

  • Payslips
  • reports for auditing purposes
  • other reports for your business needs
  • P60’s & P45’s
  • P32 showing Tax and NI due payable
  • year end routine

We do not process P11 information, however, we will work in conjunction with your accountant or we can recommend an accountant who will do this for you.

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