Invoicing Service

Business people on the move find that invoicing is often the last task of the day, this can lead to a delay in producing timely invoices, fluctuating pricing and can ultimately create distrust and disputes with your clients as well as having a direct impact upon your cash flow.

We provide a custom, tailor made invoicing service for you, mainly to be used by service businesses with a low volume of invoice production (10-25 per week).

We provide an invoicing service that delivers a professional, timely and affordable service including but not limited to:

  • Creating invoices, pro-formas and quotes.
  • Customer invoice breakdowns as detailed or as simple as you prefer.
  • Customise your invoice with your logo and any additional text.
  • Documents (including invoicing and statements) can be sent directly to your customer, electronically as a .pdf (Portable Document Format) or posted.
  • Copy document sent directly to you for your records, again either as a .pdf or hard copy.
  • Documents are produced in a non editable format.
  • Easy to use service.
  • VAT compliant.
  • Taking advantage of this service, you would benefit with the following:
  • Can lead to a rigid internal billing structure.
  • Rapid turn around, improving the R.O.I. (Return On Investment).
  • Back up of documents as we will retain them for 6 years.

This service we feel would be particularly popular with small businesses and start-ups who largely compromise our target demographic.

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