Cash Flow

A cash flow service allows you to plan your business decisions, taking into account payments to suppliers, expected incomes, regular expenses such as direct debits and standing orders.

With a clear cash flow plan, your business can take early action to avoid serious problems. It is also important for you to review cash flow forecasts in light of new or lost orders or other such trading problems.

Cash Flow Services Include:

  • Reviewing customer payment terms, maximising income.
  • Keeping accurate records of income and expenditure, minimising outgoings.
  • Calculating charts on returns of investments via management reports.
  • Formulating contingency plans.
  • Communicating with your customers (credit control).
  • Communicating with your suppliers (debtor control).

Cash Flow is often and quite rightly
refered to as the blood of a business.
I like to be a bit more direct.

Cash Flow Is King

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