Here’s the face behind the figures!

MBB (My Bookkeeper Bill) has over 12 years experience of bookkeeping, business management and office administration from a varied set of sectors: business to business; retail; charity; trades and private organisations. Having worked predominately with SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises), we understand the importance of efficiency through multi tasking and being a jack of all trades.

Our approach to your work, simple – we do it the way you want it done. If it’s not broke, we don’t fix it. If we can find a way to make it bigger, better and more profitable, we will certainly have a chat, demonstrate what we are talking about but (here’s the important bit) we don’t make changes to your administration without your express say so.

We are here to take the financial record keeping, the business management and the office administration off your hands and let you get on with the core activities of your business that make your profit.

We have an out of hours service and can arrange site visits at times that suit you and your business. We want to help you become more profitable and not detract you from generating profit.

Find out more about what makes my bookkeeping services unique and particularly helpful.

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